I wonder, what do you have to be tenacious about in your life? What vision or dream or purpose has grabbed you so hard that you’re willing to be tenacious?

Your kids…
That business you started…
That non-profit with the great mission…
<<Insert yours here>>…

There’s a double-edged sword though to the things that stir in us a sense of tenacity. While those tenacity-inducing visions can stir something in us that can move mountains, there are times when it feels as though the mountains are too much for us. The burden of our dreams can be overwhelming and we can begin to feel like failures, big time. That’s when we need to hear these words from Eugene Cho.

Don’t be overwhelmed.
Stay the course.
Be encouraged.
Be tenacious.
Do not quit.
Take heart.
Have faith.
Press on.
~Eugene Cho

This week begins the third season of one of my dreams, our Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School at Connexion. Freedom School is an opportunity for children to explore the themes of freedom, civic action, empowerment, and hope in a 6-week program that’s rooted in building reading skills. Many of the children who come to our free program wouldn’t have an opportunity for summer enrichment without the generosity of people like you. (Stay tuned for the #30ForFreedom campaign this summer.)

My dream has had setbacks and crazy stuff happen…stuff that overwhelmed me and made me want to give up. But the dream of Freedom School in Somerville, of children learning that they could be whoever they wanted to be, of freedom ringing clearly…that dream wouldn’t let me go.

What dream won’t let you go today? Be tenacious…stick with it…and ride that dream!