Freedom Somerville – Week 2

This was an amazing week at Freedom School. It’s always fun to see how the classes gel and children who didn’t know each other previously become best friends. We’d also like to thank our amazing donors who gave $250 so we could visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Thank you!

Take a look to see what our classes learned this week and what we did in our afternoon activities:

This week in Ms. Zenaida’s class we focused on how we could make a difference in our families starting with the book Families are Different reading about how all families are unique and special. Tuesday we read about Marisol McDonald again and about…
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This week in Mr. DJ’s classroom the scholars learned about how they can make a difference in their family. On Monday, we read about the Great Depression and a
young boy using math to help out his family win a contest. Tuesday was about…
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Week 2 with Miss Melissa’s class started on a high note with a book called Lucky Beans. We figured out how to estimate how many jelly beans fit in a container and made artwork out of dry beans. Day 2 we discussed the challenges of immigration with….
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We had another great week here at Freedom School! Harambee has gotten more and more hype as the week has progressed and we keep learning fun new cheers and chants. Our afternoon activities were a blast as well and it feels like…
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