We believe life is better connected to each other and God.


Connected to Each Other

We believe that each human being is a beautiful creation of God with gifts to offer the world.  Living in connection with each other makes us to sit at the table with people who are different from us; people of different races and ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities, with varying levels of ability to form true community together.  We are a reconciling congregation that celebrates the amazing gifts of people who are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, and every variation you can imagine in our community, leadership, and staff.

We believe love is what makes a marriage.  Our hearts are broken that some people, especially people who follow Jesus, believe only certain love can make a marriage.  Love can be seen in all sorts of pairings across race and ethnicity, class, ability, interest and everything else you can imagine.  We believe love can be seen between two women, a woman and a man, and two men.  Because of this, the people of Connexion celebrate weddings for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to be bound together in love supported by a connection to each other and to God.

We believe we are called to look out for one another both locally and globally.  We do this by offering groups to grow our spirits and our skills.  We provide places for people who need a bit of help through our Freedom School, our food and diaper pantry, and our English language program.  We give to global efforts to alleviate poverty and disease.


Connected to God

We believe each of our journeys with God is enhanced by the journeys of others.  Living in connection with each other forces us to listen to other points of view as we try to understand each other rather than dismiss each other.  None of us have all the answers.  We won’t always agree but we know that being together, even in our disagreement, makes us stronger.

We believe that the Bible is a book inspirired by God that challenges us to live in connection with each other and God. In Jesus we see an amazing example of how to live that life, how to treat ourselves, how to treat other people, and how to treat God.

We believe that God is longing to be in connection with us.  We believe that the saving, healing, forgiving, awe-inspiring message of Jesus is for everyone.  God’s grace, God’s love is available to you.

We believe God has uniquely called Connexion to foster connections between people and with God all across Somerville.  It might be sharing music and food at PorchFest or helping a child believe in themselves at Freedom School.  It could look like friends sitting around a table sharing their lives or volunteering together at a food pantry or soup kitchen.  It might involve learning the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting, worship and giving of ourselves.

Denominational Affiliation

Connexion seeks to be a place of peace and welcome for people from a variety of faith traditions who want to connect with each other and God.  We are a United Methodist Church, a Protestant Christian denominiation that has historically provided a connection between social justice and personal holiness.  (While we remain in connection with our denomination, we are saddened that it officially doesn’t share our understanding of the gift of sexuality and gender identity especially with respect to marriage and clergy leadership.  While we respect our denomination, we feel called to disobey the prohibition against marriage between two people of the same gender.  We pray for the day when love will be love.)