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Windows of Connexion – Finding Peace

I’ll confess to being a bit of a control freak (I know some of you have those tendencies as well). So rather than missing an issue of Windows of Connexion, I decided to write them before I left. (Well okay I didn’t quite get them done before I left so remember last week’s written […]

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Windows of Connexion – Deep Peace

Deep Peace to you!

As I write this I’m soaring in the heavens in an airplane. Inside the plane, thanks too amazingly modern technology, I’m able to watch television though internet connectivity unfortunately isn’t available on this flight (bummer). All the noise of regular life available right here 35,000 feet above the earth inside the […]

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Windows of Connexion – Glimmers of Justice

Grace happened this week. Grace in the form of a compromise, a just resolution that avoided a church trial. Grace that reveals glimmers of justice. Grace that renews my hope in the Methodist movement that I love. Grace that assures me that though the arc of the moral universe is long it does indeed […]

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Windows of Connexion – Lent Reawakens Us

Do you ever feel like you’re on auto-pilot or just going through the motions of life? Every day seems the same? I know when I feel like that it’s so easy to forget the larger purpose and beauty of life. Snapping out of that auto-pilot can be hard but I think it’s much easier […]

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