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Windows of Connexion – Awesome Failure

What you you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How bold would you be? How much would you put yourself out there?
We’re going to fail and it’s going to be awesome!

~Melissa Meyers
Okay, now rather than not being able to fail, what if you knew that you would fail (perhaps spectacularly) but it would […]

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Windows of Connexion – Immigration Reform

When I share with people that I grew up in a Roman Catholic family, they often ask how I “became” United Methodist. While that’s a fun story of friends willing to invite me to church and radical hospitality at a hoedown, perhaps the more important question is: Why do I continue to be United […]

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Windows of Connexion – Spencer W. Kimball

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful snow we’re having on this fine day!
Humility is royalty without a crown…greatness in plain clothes.

~Spencer W. Kimball
I’ve written before about our different stance on human sexuality from our denomination (The United Methodist Church). My approach to this difference continues to be one that simply creates a faith community […]

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